Thursday, September 22, 2011

DC 52 Update!

Hi all,

If you've been into All Star in the last two days, you might have noticed a distinct lack of DC issue 1s. We assure you that we got them in but due to a problem getting re-orders in with diamond all of these were divided  up between our 52 group and standing order customers.

This unfortunately means a couple of things, first, as we said in our post on Monday, we couldn't guarantee to customers that post their hold lists on Facebook that we would be able to fill the order. As of now, we can't guarantee that we will be getting first prints of these issues back in stock either. As we have previously stated, we will work on getting second prints of these titles in, however you may want to look elsewhere for copies of these issues. Now if you were one of the unlucky ones who posted their list on Facebook and we can't fill your DC titles, we would like to offer you a 15% off voucher, which, as the name implies, will give you a 15% discount your next purchase. This will be deducted off the total shelf price of your purchase.

Secondly, we cannot accept any holds on DC titles next week. We'll have more about this in the post next week of course.

Once again sorry, it has been a crazy month. As we said a couple of days ago, while it is exciting to see how popular the books have been, we hate dissappointing people.

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