Tuesday, June 25, 2013


As in alien infant raised on Earth, Clark Kent/Kal-El grows up in a human world with superhuman powers.  Despite feeling alienated because of his powers he adopts a normal way of life, but when the world comes under attack by villains General Zod and Faora, he must embrace his powers and become “Superman”, vowing to protect the earth and the people he loves.

Man of Steel is almost here and while critics might be divided you can't deny how amazing this film will be at IMAX! Thanks to the wonderful folks from IMAX Melbourne, we have 5 double passes for Man Of Steel to give away for the stictly limited IMAX season starting from the 27th of June.

To go into the draw to win one of these double passes just tell us "if you had Superman like abilities, what would the symbol on your chest be and what would it stand for?"

Terms and Conditions:
All entries will go into the All Star Barrel and winners will be drawn at random.
Entries close 7pm Friday 28th of June and winners will be announced Saturday the 29th of June.
Passes will only be available to pick up from the store and winner must produce photo ID upon pick up.
As these passes are for a strictly limited season, please only enter if you get use the pass. Passes MUST be picked up 6PM MONDAY 1ST OF JULY. Any remaining passes after this date will be given away at our discretion to make sure they don't go to waste. 

Again a huge thanks to IMAX Melbourne and Man Of Steel at IMAX from July 27th
For more information on IMAX Melbourne and session times head to:


  1. It would be a symbol of atoms to show how fast I can be, but also how smart I am!

  2. I would have an M for Melbourne man, defender of justice and good coffee

  3. I would have a psychosemantic symbol on my chest that was constantly transforming according to the apperceptions of people and it would transform their consciousness so that they would see what they wanted to see, kind of like Doctor Who's blank ID thing. This would stand for the ability of the mind to describe the indescribable, and the power of the imagination to create an avatar of superhumanity, like Superman.

  4. I would have a symbol of the Australian flag that i defend when fighting evil!

  5. I kinda like Powergirl's "chevron" (a cut-out on her chest displaying her um...assets). So I would incorporate this and call it my "weapon of mass distraction."

  6. I would have the symbol for infinity on my chest, because of the possibility's that would come with those powers.

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