Wednesday, August 21, 2013



Iron Man 3 is out on DVD, Blu-Ray & Digital August 28th and we have a excellent prize pack to give away along with two runners up prizes.
First prize is: a copy of Iron Man 3 on DVD, a Iron Man Hoodie, a Iron Man Cap and a set of Iron Man Headphones.
Two Runners Up prizes are: A copy of Iron Man 3 on DVD and a Iron Man Cap.
To go into the draw to win all you need to do is tell us, in the final act as a last ditch play Tony drops the phrase "Initiate the House Party Protocol." If this was the codename for your back up plan, what would you have happen?
Terms and Conditions:
All entries will go into the All Star Barrel and winners will be drawn at random.
Entries close 7pm Wednesday 28th of August and winners will be announced Thursday the 29th of August. Prizes will only be available to pick up from the store and winner must produce photo ID upon pick up. Prizes might not be available for pick up for 4 weeks after the draw. Winners will be contacted once the prizes are in store.
Again a massive thanks to Iron Man 3 out on DVD, Blu-Ray & Digital August 28th



  1. Kegs would fly in from everywhere and all bad guys will be forced to chug down the entire contents

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  3. Grant Morrison would be released from my basement, rocketed immediately to my location & forced to sit my enemies down & attempt to explain to them the insane depths of his story lines until their brains actually melt.

  4. Robert Downey Jr breaks out his personal stash.

  5. Everything folds away instantly so that it is just one big room, The Beastie Boys (including a holographic MCA) rock up out of nowhere and blast the classics. Unlimited alcohol, pizza and music. But everyone is dressed as they're favourite superhero, not lame dress ups either, fully functioning cosplays..... Whoever is Hawkeye just sits in the corner and watches everyone while Deadpool hits on every female there.

  6. Couches, bean bags and large screen TVs would appear, as if from nowhere, and all 3 House Party movies would play, forcing anyone in the vicinity to enjoy the exploits of Kid N Play.

  7. Thanks to Iron Man 3 is out on DVD, Blu-Ray & Digital today, August 28th and everyone that entered here is the winners list of our IRON MAN 3 PRIZE PACKS:
    First prize of a copy of Iron Man 3 on DVD, a Iron Man Hoodie, a Iron Man Cap and a set of Iron Man Headphones goes to Delcan Kelly
    Two Runners Up prizes of copy of Iron Man 3 on DVD and a Iron Man Cap go to Mick Rule and Brendan J Harkom.
    Thanks again and remember to check out Iron Man 3, out on DVD, Blu-Ray & Digital today!

  8. Great cap. Iron Man 3 is a great movie. I have joyed the movie very much. This is one of the best movie of 2013.

  9. The first time I saw this movie I really didn't like it on yidio movies, I had just come off the high of "The Avengers" and let me make it clear, this one isn't as good. That said it is significantly better than Iron Man 2 and that's because the story is deeper and direct. There's a lot less focus on explosions and fancy effects (although there is plenty of that) and more on dialogue and character development.
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