Tuesday, May 20, 2014


AMS2 will feature in-game footage that gives the player centre stage to the story with a revealing look into the world of this super hero sequel, as well as an ominous introduction to one of its central characters: Kraven the Hunter (aka Sergei Kravinoff). Marvel’s infamous Russian strongman – equal parts charismatic and dangerous – will play a critical role throughout the game’s narrative, challenging Spider-Man’s code of justice as he traverses the criminal underworld. It also highlights the man beneath the mask, Peter Parker, who will play an important part of his own in the journey to come.

Thanks to the fine folks from Activision, we are giving you the chance to win a copy of the new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game on either Xbox One or PS4, out in stores now.

All you need to do to go into the draw to win is tell us "In this new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game, Kraven the Hunter plays a big role. On our most recent FCBD outing, staff member and all round nice guy, Ant cosplayed as KRAVEN THE HUNTER. What was your favourite aspect of Ant's Kraven costume? Also which system would you like to win the game on?

Terms and Conditions:
Entries must include the system you want to win the game for. Entries without a system mention won't go into the draw.
All entries will go into the All Star Barrel and winners will be drawn at random.
Entries close 6pm Monday 26th of May and winners will be announced Tuesday the 27th of May.
Winners will be contacted and pick up will be organised after the draw .

Again thanks to Activision and the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game out in stores NOW.


  1. My favourite aspect is retaining the Kraven's Lion's Head Vest. I believe thats the most distinguishing feature of the character that displays his power and hunter instinct. Plus, that the hardest part of the outfit to get :)
    I would like PS4 version please!

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  3. My favourite aspect would be that moustache , and the ferocious look in Ants eyes hahas. Captures the character that is Kraven the hunter.
    PS4 please thanks :)

  4. My favorite aspect is the fur vest because only a man like Ant can pull the look off. PS4

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  6. My favourite aspect is the combination of all the items working together, it's a hard one to top. PS4 Please.

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    1. Lion, Zebras and Spiderman! oh My! I love the zebra cuffs are they hiding your Artificial Web-Shooters on your wrists?
      Playstation 4 please

  8. the fur jackets is stunning and ohhh sooo hot

  9. I could point at the decapitated head and the oh so 80s zebra armbands, but the thing that really makes it is the demented smile. PS4