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It's been a long wait since the release of issue 1 but judging from the talent line up for VELOCITY issue 2, it will be more than worth it!

Saturday 28th of April, will see the launch for VELOCITY issue 2 here at All Star and folks from VELOCITY have something special planned for you.

Between 12pm and 3pm on the Saturday we'll not only have the new issue available to pick up but three to four of the creator contributors on hand to sign and chat about their awesome work to you.

Here's a run down of the issue 2, the creators and what you can expect from them once you pick the new issue up.

Velocity is back with a BANG, picking up right where the first issue left off!

Featuring 80 pages in full colour, with a great variety of cross genre stories and even more Australian content one can rest assured there is something for every reader in this book. If you call Melbourne home, the cherry is sweetened with the inclusion of a variety of Melbourne based artists and writers contributing content! This is wrapped up in a nice little package with a magnificent cover by Sydney based Ryan Wilton! If that’s not enough for your taste buds, the book closes with an outstanding contribution by always crazy Phil Hew from WA.

Index of Australian Content:


Ryan is a self taught artist based in Sydney. He began drawing since the day he could hold a pencil and will probably continue till the day he dies. He always dreamed of being a comic book artist, and that day came true in 2004 when the first issue of his comic Azerath co-created with Daniel Lawson began printing for Phosphorescent Comics. Currently working on the remaining 3 issues in the series, and is credited with loads of Killeroo art.

He is often mistaken for the rejected Furby with the kung fu grip.


The very name causes your car to convert to diesel, your pet to eat its own head and your mother to swear backwards! He’s got the work ethic of a thousand worker bees on uppers, and to prove it, just look at this:

Calling Melbourne home, Ben is the creator of Stark Reality, collected into 3 sexy trades, hard to find, but harder to put down. He is also a contributor to multiple issues of FutureQuake and a Zarjaz, a UK anthology comics that are just...lovely, innit? He’s also seen doing art monkey duties in Gloom Machine and some LAC titles, and was the artist on webcomic B+W.

Currently, he’s writes and draws the ongoing comic Kranburn, with issue #3 nearing completion and #4 hot on its heels! Terra #1 is in progress, followed by yet another issue of FutureQuake! (issue #21 I believe)

What to expect from him in the future? More Kranburn, art for a 72 page comic that's still semi-secret along with Terra #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6 and last but not least Home Made #1.

MATTHEW DUNN: The Devil’s Mark

A Brunswick-based artist who works across various mediums and fields.

His art is heavily influenced by a lifelong passion for comics and illustration, the dynamics of which he uses to examine themes often serious and melancholic in nature.  He has been published in various comics and magazines, and is currently working on a new comic series featuring his character Leroy (who was the focus of the 2010 exhibition "The Lonely Hunter" and originally appeared in the graphic novel "Lonely Monsters").  2010 also included 2 comic-inspired exhibitions, "Halftone Heroes" and "The Fortunate Life Of An Unfortunate Man".  Matthew also produces the ongoing webcomic series "The Secret History Of......" which can be found at

In 2011 he started an ongoing series of collaborations with UK songwriter Justin Greaves.  Since then he has produced numerous t-shirt designs, posters, and album artwork for the band Crippled Black Phoenix.  2011 saw an exhibition at Artboy Gallery featuring visual interpretations of songs by the band, titled "The Justice Will Be So Fantastic".  More collaborations with Greaves are currently in
the works.

2012 will see more comic, album, and exhibition art, plus more work being added to his ever-growing collection of t-shirt and print designs.


If you haven’t heard of Darren yet, you’ve most probably been stuck under a very big rock with no wifi for at least the last 15 years.

Based in Melbourne, Darren’s the creator of the massively popular marsupial Killeroo, which have featured in three self published books titled One, Two and Roadrage. More recently Killeroo also hit the pages of Decay (Issue 9) and the brand spanking new Killeroo Gangwar are still hot on the shelves.

Darren provided is with a teaser of what to expect for Velocity issue 3 with a great poster of the mutated marsupial himself by artist Ryan Wilton, and colours by

PHIL HEW: A Case for Humanity

Born in Australia, located in Perth some believed that this small Asian child would merely be another bad English speaking Chinese guy who's really good at maths and Final Fantasy on Playstation. They were almost right. He's not that great at maths (not Asian great anyway...) and he's actually not that great at Final Fantasy either.

Thanks to his voracious appetite for comics and cartoons he quickly started trying to draw it himself. People said he had a knack for it, so he pursued it with great vigour. His love for illustration and animation spilled into design. His solid grounding in illustrated arts helped him understand and excel in Graphic Arts and start picking up small design jobs here and there.

Knowing his destiny involved pretty pictures and the stink of permanent texters. The travelling Asian lad forgoes his position as Head Boy at his former High School and ran away to study design and later on, animation.

Phil also feels better if he refers to himself in third person. He feels more important this way.

SACHA BRYNING: Molly Mac- Emancipation

Sacha is a freelance illustrator who is currently working as a concept artist in film and an illustrator for publishing and toy companies. He’s produced comics for all the big 3 companies and currently calls Squishface Studios in Brunswick, Melbourne his home.

He has a diverse body of work including Illustration, Animation and Comic Art, Sacha brings life and identity to each character he creates when he puts pen to paper...or tablet. He is also currently working on a comic strip called Sam and Laz, with a preview available through Squishface Studios.

And not to forget the greatness of Nev Howard, one of the Editor In Chief of the fantastic book.

So make sure to get storeside Saturday the 28th, between 12pm and 3pm to grab your copy of VELOCITY Issue 2

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