Monday, April 29, 2013


"We're going to need a bigger boat" a wise man once said. This was the exact thought we had the second after we opened our doors FCBD last year. The store quickly filled to capacity and it didn't let up for the rest of the day. All the while we had an amazing line up of special artistic guests towards the back on the store who might have felt a little overwhelmed when they looked up at the tide wave of people before them. The next day we knew we needed to make some changes for our following FCBD. So this is what we came up with...
Thanks to the help of Melbourne City Council and a group of the most amazingly wonderful and talented local artists our city has to offer, we give you THE ALL STAR FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (ACTUAL) ARTIST ALLEY.
What we have on offer this FCBD is aside from a fantastic selection of FREE comics in store, we'll be hosting a MASSIVE local artist line up in four marquees in the Lonsdale St end of Hardware St (the laneway before the store walking up Lonsdale St towards Queen St). The plan is the same as previous years, these fantastic local artists have given up their time to draw totally FREE sketches for you. This time however we can better showcase the incredible range of talent the local Melbourne comic creating community has to offer, while providing a respite from the madness of the store. Our hope is to bring as much attention to local comic talent as possible while also expanding the festival nature of the day!
One of the marquees will house a merchandise table, housing a selection of books and prints from all the artists appearing on the day, manned by Milk Shadow Books, James Andre. 100% of sales from this tables goes straight back to the artists, so we hope that if you like the free sketch they have provided you, you'll hopefully support the artist by checking out some of their work.
The All Star Free Comic Book Day Artist Alley will start from 10am until 5pm, with 5 different slots throughout the day, with each slot running for 90 minutes to an hour.
This is our tentative timetable at this stage and there is always the chance of changes at the last minute without notice.
10am-11:30am 90 minute slot
Matthew Dunn
Andrew Isaac
Brendan Halyday
Trev Wood
Bobby N
Lindsay Walker
Darren Close
Steve Boyd

11:30-1pm 90 minute slot

Sacha Bryning
Ben Hutchings
David Blumenstein
Ive Sorocuk
Laura Renfrew
Scarlette Baccini
Tim Molloy
Frank Candiloro 
Sarah Howell
1pm-2:30pm 90 minute slot
Luke Andrew
Chris Mc Quinlan
Hugh Freeman
Evan Jones
Thomas Tung
Grange Wallis

2:30pm-4pm 90 minute slot

Doug Holgate
Charles Lin
Tristan Jones
Dean Rankine
Tom Taylor
Colin Wilson
Kate Moon

4pm-5pm 60 minute slot

Simon Wright
Michael Wszelaki
Jason Franks
Andrew Law
Henry Pop
Michael Bradshaw
Over 30 fantastic artists offering up their time to draw for you! Please keep in mind that when you ask for your sketch that you might need some reference for the artist to draw from, so keep those smart phones handy!
Also again in the spirit of the day if you are waiting for a sketch and a younger fan is waiting behind you for one too, it would be amazing if you can let them in front of you.
It goes without saying that this is one of the most impressive line ups of artists outside a major convention. None of this would of been possible without the time and skills of all the artists involved. We can not thank this fine folk nearly enough and we hope you enjoy the day and the art they provide for you!


  1. you've used the same link for Henry Pop & Michael Bradshaw

  2. Sounds amazing. I hope I get to finish work in time to get there!

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