Friday, June 13, 2014



So...what IS in the bag?
Well if you want to find out you have to be willing to play a little game of chance.

The basics are this:
-We have bagged runs of books in lots of 20 comics.
-At our standard shelf prices, these bags could contain anywhere from $99 to as much as over $130  worth of value. All the comics contained in these bags will be priced at only $1 each! That's right! $1 per comic. 20 comics in the bag means you will only pay $20!
-The bags will be sealed with a small note attached listing the number of comics inside and hinting at what is contained in the bag without giving the selection away.

So we guess the next step is up to you.
The chance to pick up a random run of comics, possibly valued at over $130 for only $20?!
Are you game? ;)

The first lot of "WHAT'S IN THE BAG" Bags will be available to pick up from tomorrow and will be found located near the Second Hand/Discount Trades and Comics in the store. Obviously as this is a SALE promotion, there strictly a "NO HOLDS" policy...we are trying to clear space, not looking to need more! :D

The further details:

Once in a while we have Standing Orders that get backed up. We try contacting people and hold onto their books as long as we can. If we haven't seen or heard back from them after another couple of months, understandably it's time to return the stock to the shelves.

Sadly sometimes the titles in question might no longer be on the shelves and then we are faced with the problem of filtering them into our limited back issue space.

We thought rather than look at this as a negative, we could have a little fun with it and turn it into a game of chance.

Enjoy picking up cheap runs of random comic series to see what they are like? Got $20? Well this seems like a match made in heaven. Be sure to check out the "WHAT'S IN THE BAG?!" Box, the next time you are in store and try your luck!

The All Star Crew

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