Thursday, May 5, 2011

All Star Update Free Comic Book Day Special!

We're counting down the days till Free Comic Book day and are starting to get just a little stressed about the whole affair, but that's okay, it's all part of the fun.

First up, if you haven't seen the artists and writers we have lined up for signing and sketching, we posted a schedule last night so be sure to check that out so you know when everyone will be at work.

You remember the posters by Justin Van Genderen right? Well we are happy to report that we got copies of the Gotham and Time Machine posters back in in stock this week just in time for Free Comic Book Day. Not only that though, we have a whole bunch of new designs, check these out, as with the other posters, these are $45 a print:

Also, as a special for Free Comic Book Day, have you ever browsed our Showcase/Essential tower and been hesitant to buy so many classic black and white stories? We'll on Free Comic Book Day we'll try to make that decision easier for you by offering ALL Showcase and Essentials for $19.95 regardless of cover price. Some of these books weigh in at over 500 pages so we like to think it is a nice little value proposition for anyone interested in some hard to get classic stories. Some Great Showcase and Essential Volumes we have available include the following:

That's all for now, we hope to have another announcement tomorrow afternoon too so as always, watch this space, Facebook and Twitter.

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