Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The DC 52 Relaunch Program

The All Star Universe Proudly Presents The DC 52 Relaunch Program.

Early last month, DC made an announcement that almost ripped the internet in half. September will see a line wide relaunch, with all of their books starting again from number 1. This includes favourite pre-existing titles, and all new ones with some of the industry's most exciting creative talent. This one announcement tore through the comic buying community like wild fire and has been a massive talking point on the internet ever since, and also in our little part of the world at All Star Comics. So for better or worse this huge gambit by DC is happening, so we thought we'd offer a little incentive to maybe motivate some of you to try ALL 52 titles.

Firstly, we understand it is a BIG financial commitment to want to collect all 52 books. If you were to buy all of them off the shelf it would cost a total of $240 ($216 for Standing Order customers). We would like to offer you the chance to pick up the entire 52 titles for $190. That works out to be about 5 books for free for Standing Order customers and 10 books for free for shelf customers.

Secondly, we'd like to reward your euthusiasm for this promotion with a stictly limited All Star DC 52 tee shirt, designed by none other than our design guru, Tim Hobday. The shirt (not available for sale) will be the first of it's kind and like these number 1's, might one day itself be a collectors item! The design of the shirt will be revealed at a later date.

All you need to do, is come into the store and pre-pay (in full) before Wednesday the 27th of July. We can continue to take orders after this point but it would make things easier on Mitch to confirm your order before this date.....think of poor, little Mitch. This offer is available to standing order customers and shelf customers alike. The offer is only for the issue 1's of the 52 range.

So if you feel like you want to fully take part in what will be remembered as one of the boldest plays in comic history, let us know and we will sign you up for the DC 52 Relaunch Program today! :D

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  1. Great idea guys! I'm definitely in for this! I'll plug it at the AFB Facebook page as well!