Monday, December 24, 2012


T'is the season for Boxing Day Sales, so we thought it was time we took a crack at one ourselves!
From opening on Boxing Day (11am), we will be running a sale on all our recent back issue selection. Pick up titles that are only a few months old for as cheap as $2.50 each. Find 10 or more comics you like the look of and get them for only $2 each! That's right, $2! How can you go wrong? Pick up those few titles that you wanted to get at the time but couldn't justify. Now there is no excuse.

Still not enough to get you excited? How about a selection of older variant cover comics for $5? That's right! Variants that were once $10, $15, $25, now for only $5!!!

We aren't exactly sure how long we will be running this for so get in while the the going is good and the comics are cheap!!!

Of course there are no holds! :D

Hope to see you bright and early on Boxing Day! :D

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