Saturday, April 29, 2017


FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is nearly here again, so it's time to dust off the spandex and get ready to dress in your Saturday Superhero bests! 

It's always a buzz for us to see the effort people go to dressing up for the day to help liven our celebrations, so this is our way of saying thank you and a chance to reward your hard work! 
Due to the sheer number of costumed characters on the day we found it best to have an All Ages Division, along with a Kids Division (for entries under 12 years old)!

The rules are simple and the same as last year:
Anyone in costume can enter. 
Anyone over 12 will be entered in ALL AGES contest, anyone under 12 will be included in our KIDS Contest.
All you need to do is find our in-house photographer, who this year will be taking the costume contest photos instore, on the ground floor in front of the New Release Trade Paperback Wall.
If you can't find our photographer there, just ask for your photo to be taken by someone at the front counter.

MUHAMMAD I, Resident Photographer

Just strike your best character pose and then tag yourself in your photo once we get the pictures up on our Facebook page.

Once you are tagged the public can vote for you along with your friends and family.

The entries with the five highest counts of "likes" at the end of the week after we post the photos up will be our finalists, then a panel of All Star Staff will pick the 3 best costumes!

This year we'll have a $100 All Star Gift Voucher for 1st place, $75 All Star Gift Voucher for 2nd and $50 All Star Gift Voucher for 3rd.

The KIDS contest will have a $50 All Star Gift Voucher for 1st place, $30 All Star Gift Voucher for 2nd place and a $25 All Star Gift Voucher for 3rd place.

Of course we are super keen to see what you guys have planned and can't wait to see you bring some costumed comic justice to the streets of Melbourne while celebrating the best comic event in the world, FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! 



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