Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Sunday, February 4th will see us celebrate our SEVENTH year of being part of the comic book retail industry and the Melbourne comic book community. Later in the month, the 20th of February marks our THIRD year in our Queen St location!  Two exciting dates for us but as important as it is for us, the only reason we are still here is because of the continuing support we get from people just like YOU!

So like last year as a way to show our appreciation, we want to give you all the chance to win a birthday present from us!

Our gift to one of you will be a ALL STAR GIFT VOUCHER for $500 for you to spend on whatever you like in the store!

Now how do YOU get a slice of this excellent prize?

Starting from Monday, February 5th until the 20th of February, every time you spend $50 you will receive a raffle ticket and go into the draw to win! Spend $100, that's two tickets and so on and so forth! Just picking up your weekly comics could score you a further $500 to go crazy with in the store!

Only All Star purchases, not commission item purchases will be included toward ticket totals.
All entries will go into the All Star Barrel and the winner will be drawn at random.
Entries start for open for business on February 5th and end at close of business on February 20th. Then the winner will be drawn and announced the soon after that.

We still find it hard to believe that after seven years how the Melbourne comic reading, collecting and creating community has embrace us and we couldn't be more thankful. We are still doing our very best to give you the best comic retail experience possible so that we continue to earn your already loyal support now and for many years to come!

Best of luck to everyone and here's to the 4th AND 20th of Feb! 

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