Saturday, April 2, 2011

All Star Update!

We're back again here to drop some plugs and tell you all about the joyous happenings around the world of All Star Comics.

First of all, we told you earlier this week that we were attending Supanova and this week we are going to be revealing some cool and what we hope are exclusive items which you will be able to purchase at the All Star Comics stall. Remember that Supanova runs from the 8th to the 10th of April at the Melbourne Show Grounds. Go to their page here to find out about guests and the cool events that will no doubt be taking place. We're excited, you should be too. Check back on Wednesday for the first of our item reveals.

We also revealed this week another competition, this time for our friend Justin Hamilton's new show Circular at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Check out the link and enter for your chance to see our favourite combination of comic book fan, comedian and nice guy for free. If you don't win or can't make it on the night you can buy tickets to Circular from the Comedy Festival website.

It does feel like we mention them every week but this time we were actually on the show. Noncanonical recently had their 50th episode and Mitch (his lovely girlfriend Melissa getting more airtime than him) and Dom get some brief airtime so give it a listen. Also, while your at it, give their sister podcast Gameplay a listen co-hosted by our good friend Tristan Jones.

Have you seen the giant airbrushed Joker in our store? Well it was done by the very talented Nick who works at Model Mania. If you're chasing diecast models in any form then make sure to check them out. They're just a short walk from All Star at 94 Elizabeth Street.

Lastly, we have a few blogs we'd like to give a shout out to. First up is Maarten Bouw's comic Drawn Out Dad. A comic inpsired by fatherhood and the comic strip Blondie. Also is the great art blog Houdini's Last Escape which features some cool artwork from a number of local artists and updated weekly.

Remember to keep your eye on All Star Comics Facebook and Twitter pages, we have just gotten word of a very exciting competition we will be launching tomorrow.

Till next week.

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