Friday, June 24, 2011

Dom Out!

For the last seven months I've been helping out Mitch and Troy after finishing university and following that, searching for a job. What started as something to keep me busy turned into a job without being an actual job. Helping out at All Star just became part of my weekly routine, but I wouldn't have shown up to help out if I didn't enjoy it.

I was there day one where the store was completely empty but for one single piece of MDF, Mitch and his lovely girlfriend Melissa. It was then explained to me that there was about 19 more pieces of said MDF in the van and they wouldn't fit in the elevator. For each individual piece, we had to wheel it around the building, through the front door and up the stairs. That was just day one. As I look at what we have accomplished since then, I can't help but feel a little proud.

Now I have an actual job and it is an incredibly exciting opportunity that has been put before me. All Star though, I'm going to miss you. I've gotten to know a number of the regular customers over the past five months we've been open and meeting and talking to you all on a regular basis has been great. Mitch and Troy always used to say that the customers were what made the job worth doing, now I know what they were talking about.

As for Mitch and Troy, they let me become a part of something that I didn't really have any sort of claim to and it has been an amazing ride that I will always remember.

I'll still be around of course, most likely Wednesday through Friday nights. I'll also still be posting up the weekly lists (because Mitch sure as hell doesn't know how to do it) and doing recommendations. The counter though is something I have to give back to the guys who do it best anyway.



  1. good to hear you'll still be around in some fashion would love to sit down and chat dick with you some time.

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