Monday, October 27, 2014



It's been a year since the events of the last unnatural uprising of the back issue brood we had growing within the store's walls. Sadly as hard as you tried to help us fight back this behemoth, the back issue hordes are back and in stronger numbers than ever! So it is you, dear friends we once again invite to join with us in the culling of this monsterous titan with some fiendishly rightous prices.

From opening on Saturday November 1st, all back issues (excluding cabinet comics) will be $2.50 or if you do your best to help us fight back this endless horde by picking up 10 or more issues, they will be ONLY $2 each. 

Coupled with this is the return of the ALL STAR MYSTERY PACKS! A massive hit the last time we did it, the mystery packs return to help bolster your spirits with over $100 worth of value for as little as $20! That's as cheap as $1 a comic!!! These packs are limited to two per customer while stocks last, so best to get in early!

Still we understand if you need more incentive to build up your courage to face this beast. So we thought it best including a few other treats to get you along for the day.

Talented local rising artists, Matty Taylor (Carmen) and Andrew Isaac (Oswald Monster Wrestler) will be joining us to draw wicked FREE sketches for you to do their best to inspire you.*

Still need more? Well some times the best way to fend off the horde is to become one, so we'll have Zombie face painting all day, which of course will be FREE too!

And of course it goes without saying there will be FREE candy treats available for everyone to keep up their energy on the day.

Feel empowered with a haul of great cheap reads haul, mystery packs, excellent free sketches and amazing face paint.

No tricks. All treats. Just be store-side from 11am Saturday the 1st of November for all the fun.

*Please note as Matty and Andrew have agreed to doing free artwork for you, there is a strict limit of one sketch per person. If time and crowd levels permit, a second sketch might be able to be organised.

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