Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Last week was a pretty crappy week for Gary Friedrich, creator of Marvel's Ghost Rider. After a long winded legal battle over creative ownership of the character, Friedrich has come off second best with Marvel willing to drop their counter-suit against him if he can pay an amount of $17,000.

This is a disappointing outcome on many levels, as Friedrich is now a 68 year old man with health issues and  has just had his main form of income taken away from him.

More can be read about the case HERE

Obviously as news of this was reported, the comicbook community has quickly banded together to help raise money for Friedrich.

The most notable so far being Steve Niles (30 Days Of Night) setting up a fundraising account on his website found HERE.

Not to be outdone, locally OzComics is using their weekly Draw Off Challenge in an attempt to raise funds for Gary too. More info on that can be found HERE.

What we would like to do to help raise funds for Gary here at All Star is this. For the next two weeks, up until Monday the 27th all sales from Ghost Rider back issues will be donated 100% to his cause.

Now Ghost Rider might not be your character of choice or you might not have any holes to fill in your Ghost Rider collection but we believe the cause is worthy and the most a single issue will set you back is $4.50 ($4.05 if you have a Standing Order). So for the sake few extra bucks, pick up an issue or two of Ghost Rider the next time you are in and feel good that you are doing your bit to help out the creator of one the most visually iconic comic characters of all time.

The All Star Crew.

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  1. I love Ghost Rider, one of my favourite characters! I'll definitely help out the guy who created the most striking comic character ever.
    P.S. If you want the best GR stories: pick up Daniel Way's run. The first 14 issues are awesome! Even the WWH tie-in was killer! GR vs PH Hulk, nuff said! Jason Aaron's run was pretty good too, it had a cool grind house feel to it, but was let down with all that heaven n hell stuff, plus the way he depicted Johnny Blaze was a bit hokey. Still some great issues; best ones were with Tony Moore on pencils.