Friday, February 17, 2012


Feel up to winning a XBox or PS3 prize pack supplied by the lovely group of lads at RED BARREL RADIO podcast? Well it is insanely easy, so hopefully you can rise to the challenge.

To mark the launch of their new website RED BARREL RADIO, a locally produced video game culture podcast, has provided us with 2 video game prize packs. 

Pack 1 contains a Xbox 360 copy of Dead rising 2 and a set of Gamecom X95 wireless headphones.
Pack 2 contains a PS3 move starter pack, a PS3 copy of Virtua Tennis 4 and a PS3 copy of SOCOM 4.

All you need to do to go into the draw is tell us what comic or comic character you'd like to see adapted into a game? Since there is one prize pack for each system, please nominate the system you have along with your entry (it's ok to nominate both systems if you have them). 
All entries will go into the All Star Barrel and be drawn at random at 7pm Thursday  the 23rd of February.
Winners will need to pick up the prize packs from the store and will need to show ID before collection.

For inspiration head over to and listen to Episode 17 where the guys talked licensed games.

Again thanks to the Red Barrel Radio podcast gang and to listen in on more  from the guys go to:
and "like" them at:


  1. Hagar The Horrible, he'd have to search all 7 seas to find enough treasure to keep his house and his wife happy! x-box 360

  2. Batman Beyond. I know we had him as a skin in B:AC but i want him in the full Batman Beyond world fighting Inque and the Jokerz and Mad Stan with grizzly Bruce barking orders over comms. Oooh bonus you'd get Ace the Bat hound!

  3. I think that Cable is a badass future commando dude that could play really well in 3rd person game. could have such a large selection of weapons, explosives and that cool little cube computer. Or someone would have to make a good Spawn game, hell they could even just mod Batman AC it would be insane.
    im a ps3 slut so pack 2 :P

  4. I'd really like a savage dragon movie, though I dont really know why. PS3 thanks.

  5. LOBO needs a game, imagine him riding along gutting people with his hook.. good stuff.. plus his humorous dialogue would be hilarious! PS3 pack would be sensational

  6. I'd love to see a video-game of The Crow, but made in the style of Batman Arkham City. The gothic noire style would be perfect for video-game junkies, plus it would obviously have a killer soundtrack! Xbox 360

  7. whoops.. missed the you can go for both consoles, either would be great!!

  8. Fables as a game would be awesome! An entire universe re-imagined....XBOX 360

  9. A Deadpool game would be really sick! In for the 360 pack.