Wednesday, October 10, 2012

All Star Universe Presents: THE SECOND WAVE!

If you have been through the store in the last month or so you might have noticed a couple of fresh and friendly new faces. Thanks to your continuing and growing support of ASC, Troy and Mitch have had to look to some youngblood to help with the increasing work load. You may of had introductions with these two stellar gents already but we thought it was time to make it official. So without further adieu we would like to introduce you all to All Star Comics: Second Wave, Dan and Jimmy!

Dan has jumped at the opportunity to help with the extra front of house duties during our Wednesday and Thursday rushes. Being both friendly and engaging, he is already fast putting Mitch and Troy's counter skills to shame. A keen DC fan, if you happen to mention anything about either Zatanna or Madame Xanadu, you might find yourself in for the long haul. Dan has a lion's heart and deep seeded love for helping people but only second to that of his passion for JUSTICE!

Jimmy has been our super efficient savior on Wednesday's for a long time now and is basically the man you have to thank for the books hitting the shelves on time, week in, week out. A mathematician by trade, Jimmy is the quieter of our new duo but just ask him about the newest Lego collection or latest Adventure Time episode. Suddenly on display will be Jimmy's child-like charm that like us, you'll quickly warm too. Our strawberry blonde knight in shining armor is always keen to help with anything around the store, all you need to do is ask.

 We really couldn't ask for more fiercely loyal and hard working friends to have along side us. Even in these early days we are already insanely proud of our new teammates and hope to have them around lending a hand for a long time yet.

So next time you are in and you don't spot either Troy or Mitch, never fear. Dan and Jimmy, The Second Wave are there to carry on the All Star tradition.

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