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We couldn't be more excited to share with you this latest addition to our Wonder Woman Day celebration. 

Thanks to the extremely talented and generous, Nicola Scott we have the esteemed pleasure of giving you the chance to win a original page of Nicola's brilliant artwork from her recent run on Wonder Woman valued at $1200, for the price of a $2 raffle ticket!

The best part is all sales from this raffle will be going to support White Ribbon Australia and their work to end violence against women.

This piece appears in Issue 6, page 20 from the recent critically acclaimed Nicola Scott, Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp run of Wonder Woman.
Nicola's  aspect of the story updated Diana's origin in the most wonderful ways imaginable, taking visual cues from classic Wonder Woman lore throughout her entire history.

We chose this page in particular for a couple of reasons.

One being this is technically the first display of Diana's wondrous strength in this strange new world she finds herself in, that is also tempted with her wise and kind heart.
The other being the look of sheer awe and wonder on the faces of Steve, Etta and Ann in the final panel when faced with Diana's incredible abilities. 
This page speaks volumes of  character and is a piece that would look amazing on anyone's wall, Wonder Woman fan or not.

At this time we only have an image of the finished page on hand to display but we can assure you the original will appear in striking pencils and fully inked and without text, showcasing all the finer details of Nicola's stunning line work.

Terms and conditions:

Tickets for the raffle will be available in store for $2.
For those that can't make it into the store or are interstate, tickets can also be purchased via credit card over the phone but only for a minimum purchase of 5 tickets. 
For those international, email us at all.star.comics@hotmail.com with the subject line "WW Art Charity Raffle" to organise tickets.

The raffle will run until the end of business on Wonder Woman Day, Saturday the 3rd of June and the winner will be drawn at random and announced the next day.

The art will be only available for pick up from the store or postage arranged at the cost of the winner.

Thank you again to Nicola and her support team, Kate for helping make this happen. We hope you all take this opportunity to win this amazing artwork, while celebrating the legend of Wonder Woman and helping support the good work of White Ribbon Australia.

For more details on our Wonder Woman Day celebration just head to the event page HERE.

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