Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Want the chance to win a $50 All Star Gift Voucher just for picking up your standing order?!
Have we lost our minds? Maybe! Read more and you be the judge.

When you start a ongoing comic standing order with us at All Star, one of the few requirements we ask new customers to agree to is to visit the store at least once a month to purchase the books aside for them.

As we don't ask for deposits or pre-payment from customers, so we feel this is a pretty reasonable request to ensure All Star continues to runs smoothly. 

At the same time we also understand that life has a habit of getting in the way of the fun stuff, like heading to the store to grab your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly stash of favourite reads.
Sometimes before you've even finished reading your current stack at home, it's already been longer than a month since we last saw you.
Time gets away from us all...but we believe we've come up with a way to get you back into the store on a more regular basis.

What if we gave you the chance to win a $50 All Star Gift Voucher, just for purchasing all the books currently aside for you?

How does it work? 
-Each week (starting from Wednesday) we'll draw a name of one Standing Order customer at random to be our All Star Standing Order Lottery Secret Recipient for that week.

-A $50 All Star Gift Voucher will be placed into the Secret Recipient's order and will remain there until close of business the following Tuesday.

-If the Secret Recipient makes it into the store in that week period and picks up everything in their order in that visit, 

-However, if the Secret Recipient doesn't make it into the store in that week period or doesn't pick up everything in their order during a visit in that time, they miss out on the voucher and a new Secret Recipient will be picked at random for the next week period.

Sounds cool sure but still not enough to get you into the store more often?


-Any week the Gift Voucher goes unclaimed, we'll add a further $10 to the amount.

-Once the Gift Voucher is won, the lottery resets and starts again with a $50 Gift Voucher.

If the Lottery goes unclaimed for one week, jackpot to a $60 Gift Voucher the following week. If the Lottery goes unclaimed the week after that, BOOM ,$70 Gift Voucher and so on.

It's so easy.
It's so awesome.

So the more often you come in to pick up your order, the better your chance will be at winning and not missing out if you are that week's Secret Recipient.
All just as a reward for picking up your comics that you going to do at some point anyway but now we are giving you extra reason to do it more often!

We hope you are as excited for this chance to win this bonus as we are to present it to you.
We can't stress enough the importance of regular the monthly order pick up to help keep the store running smoothly and hopefully this will be fun and exciting way to get you keen to get into the store like clockwork.

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