Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Image Comics in recent years has proved itself to be the "go to" publishing house for some of the most interesting, engaging and exciting titles currently on the shelves. With a focus on creator owned projects and the faith to try different ideas, we are seeing some of the best new series of the last couple of decades coming out of Image. Now at the forefront of quality in comics with popular titles such as Saga and Walking Dead, to critically acclaimed series like Sex Criminals, Chew and East Of West, Image continues to lift the standard for comic book story telling release after release.

With a massive back catalogue of excellent titles, first trade collections at introductory prices and reprints of the first issues of their most popular books for only a $1 US, it would be fair to say Image has a book for you no matter your budget and taste in comics. 

It is in that we recognise the great work and effort Image is making to get you interested in both their titles, reading and enjoying comics in generally. Now we want to do our best to continue Image's growth and reach with readers here in Melbourne.

We would like to introduce to you the 

The idea is simple. We are combining two of Image's already great ideas into one! Every so often we'll nominate a Image title that has a introductory priced first trade collection and then combine it with a copy of the Image First, $1 US reprint of the first issue of the same title FOR FREE

Our hope is that if enjoy what you've just read you'll want to share how good the series is with others. Now you can simply take the FREE copy of issue #1 included with the trade and give it to someone else you think might enjoy it as much as you. If they don't it doesn't matter because it didn't cost you anything but if they DO, well that's where the magic happens. Hopefully that person will then go out of their way to pick up that first trade for themselves and in turn pass on their FREE copy of issue #1 to yet another reader in waiting and so on and so on. So continues the circle of excellent comic life! 

We hope you like this idea as we are super keen for it ourselves and hope you'll help us to spread the greatness of Image Comics to as many people as possible.

Keep a look out for the first ALL STAR IMAGE INITIATIVE title in the next few days and here is seeing more amazing releases from the Image Revolution! 

The All Star Crew.

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