Thursday, December 25, 2014


You might of heard the rumbles about us getting around and we can now safely put those rumours to rest. In early 2015 (late January to mid February), ALL STAR COMICS MELBOURNE WILL BE MOVING! From our original home at Level 1/ 410 Lonsdale St, we'll be packing up and setting up shop in a new and exciting Melbourne CBD location!

Your first question is no doubt is, WHERE WILL THE NEW STORE BE?! Where? WHERE? WHERE?

Well, we could just simply tell you the location but what would be the fun in that? How about a little CBD treasure hunt, with clues and prizes to reveal All Star's new home?

The prize bounty awarded to the first person to figure out the new shop location will be a $250 ALL STAR GIFT VOUCHER, a VIP tour of the store before the opening and of course bragging rights, that you found the store first and very well could be Batman to our Riddler!

The rules are simple:
-Wait for clues of the store's location through our Social Media channels. Most will be obvious, others maybe not so much but you might want to start checking back with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blogspot on a regular basis.

-Use the clues as best you can to figure out the new location and submit your guess of Street number and name by either Private Message on our Facebook page or our email at, clearly titled ALL NEW ALL STAR TREASURE HUNT. Only guesses submitted this way will be included in the Treasure Hunt.

-Most importantly is you can only guess ONCE, so make sure you are 100% positive! You could get your guess in early in hopes you might be first but with less clues that might hard to get it right. You could wait to until more clues are revealed but then you might not be first to make the guess!

-If the location hasn't been picked by the time of us revealing it, the guess closest to the location will be nominated the winner!

It's really simple, anyone can have a guess, so join in our little game of store cat and mouse!

Your next question might be why? If it isn't broken, why fix it?  Well, as much as we love where we are now, after only 4 short years are already feeling a little cramped. We want to continue to have a warm, open and welcoming space, while being able to house and showcase the growing number of single issue and trade titles released on a weekly basis in the best way possible.

We've enjoyed providing you this space in the past and along with having the room to host excellent in store events, continuing to support and help build the local comic book creating and reading community, we realise that we might need a little more space to make this happen in a way that benefits everybody.

We all hope you'll love the new location as much as the old one. The only reason this move is happening in the first place is to give you the opportunity for a exciting and enjoyable comic retail experience. The only reason it CAN happen is from the overwhelming love and support you have all given us from day one. So, thank you for that. You have no idea what this means to us.

We are insanely excited for you all to see the new place, so here's to the future and get on to cracking those clues!

Much love,
The All Star Crew


  1. Are the question marks the first clue?

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