Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Comic and Trade Prices

In a number of ways, it has been a massive year for us, we moved stores which in turn gave us the extra space we needed to deliver on the potential we wanted to deliver on from the very start of All Star. This included making our in store events even bigger and that was capped off nicely this weekend with a couple of great in store events with artist extraordinaire Becky Cloonan.

Unfortunately, with all the good that we’ve had this year, there is also the not so good. It may not be news to anyone who likes to do a bit of online shopping or is planning a trip to the US, but for those who don’t keep their eye on the financial markets, the Australian Dollar continues to drop against the US dollar. As a store that imports over 95% of its stock from that country, we’re been feeling the effects for awhile now. So, the decision that we’ve been hoping we wouldn’t have to make had to be made and we've had to raise prices.

We’ve always been in this for our customers, without you, we wouldn’t have been able to move to a bigger store and we certainly wouldn’t have been nominated for an Eisner. This is never an easy decision for us but we prefer to be as honest and open with you about it, so it doesn't come as to much of a surprise the next time you are in. Of course we’ll be keeping everything crossed in the hope that the Aussie Dollar will regain some strength and if it does we'll be sure to adjust our prices accordingly. In the meantime, we’ll continue doing our best in trying to deliver to you the best in-store experience we can and work behind the scenes in making the store everything we hope it can be.

The new pricing will come into effect for comics and trades from the shipment expected on the 9th of September onwards. Comics and trades that are currently aside in store and in orders will be marked at the older prices. To help avoid confusion it would be greatly appreciated if anyone with outstanding orders can try to pick their orders up at their earliest convenience.

We are totally understanding that comic collecting is a luxury and that people will need to make changes to their orders to work within their comic budget. If you need any help reassessing your current Standing Order by making a few cuts here and there, please let us know and we'll help any way we can.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new prices or want to adjust your standing order, feel free to ask any of us the next time you’re in the store or give us a call.

The All Star Crew

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