Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Anyone who has been to any of our previous FREE COMIC BOOK DAY celebrations will know we love to use the day as a chance to showcase the incredible skills and talents of the local comic creating scene. We are fortunate enough to host a stellar line up of local creators, all ready to draw FREE sketches for you, while you get the chance to meet and greet the creators and perhaps sample some their wares.

Last year’s Artist Alley, hosted at 1000 Pound Bend Cafe was a massive success but having moved store location we needed a new venue to house this powerhouse line up of artists for this year's event.

Thanks to the incredible folks from 333 Collins St, this year's ALL STAR ARTIST ALLEY will be hosted at the stunning and opulent surroundings of the 333 Collins St Walkway. Entry to the Walkway can be found on either Collins St of Flinders Lane and has ramp access on both sides for ease of prams and wheelchairs. It is a beautiful space and we couldn't be more honoured to be able to present to you this stellar group of talented folks on the day!


Hosting this incredible line up of both new and established local creators, we are trying to do our very best to spotlight and showcase the range of styles and skills in Melbourne's comic scene. We realise it's not enough to bring you talent of today but also see the importance of trying to help foster the new and upcoming talents of tomorrow's comic book storytellers. So it is a great honour for us to announce the youngest EVER artist to the All Star Artist Alley, ARIEL WALKER. Ariel (12) has been keen to get involved with this event since her mum, Lindsay Walker first joined our line up and will be appearing alongside Lindsay in the 2:30pm-4pm. We could not be more excited to give you the chance to meet her and walk away with an original piece of art from one of Melbourne's next comic booking greats!

10am-11:30am 90 minute slot

11:30am-1pm 90 minute slot 

1pm-2:30pm 90 minute slot
Andrew Zile

2:30pm-4pm 90 minute slot 
Jake Lawrence
Michael Wszelaki

Ariel Walker

4pm-5pm 60 minute slot 

That’s over 40 fantastic artists offering up their time to draw for you! 

With a very special thanks to the wonderful people from Madman , Gestalt Comics and Milk Shadow Books, we'll again have  the Gestalt and Milk Shadow sampler book to give away! 


-Please keep in mind that when you ask for your sketch that you might need some reference for the artist to draw from, so keep those smart phones handy!

-Please to not take advantage of the artists good and generous nature when getting sketches. Obviously one or two sketches for anyone coming on the day is more than fine but please remember that the event hasn’t been created to grow your original art collection and there will most likely be others there on the day that have yet to get one sketch.

-To assist in moderating the volumes, any adult attendees of the All Star Free Comic Book Day Artist Alley will be invited to get 2 FREE sketches if they wish, any children attendees are invited to get 4 FREE sketches if they are keen. 

-Also again in the spirit of the day if you are waiting for a sketch and a younger fan is waiting behind you for one too, it would be amazing if you can let them in front of you.

It goes without saying that this again is one of the most impressive line ups of artists outside a major convention. Again a massive thank you to the lovely folks at 333 Collins Street 
and of course none of this would of been possible without the time and skills of all the artists involved. We can not thank this fine folk nearly enough and we hope you enjoy the day and the art they provide for you!



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